Fault Finding

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Electrical Installation Condition Report  


Electrical faults may be a small and seemingly unimportant issue at the time, especially if it doesn’t cause you any issues there and then, but if you don’t check them, they can potentially be very dangerous. If you are experiencing any issues with your sockets, you need to call a qualified expert to conduct a fault-finding operation.


Electrical matters come in a variety of forms, whether it is the threat of a tripped circuit or a blown fuse, issues big and small can occur at any time. If you are experiencing any issues with your electrical installation, whether it's problems with the sockets, water ingress, or broken circuits, we can help you with your needs.


Should you have an issue with part of your electrical installation, we can conduct a thorough investigation into any of the following:


  • Lights

  • Sockets

  • Power issues

  • Water ingress impacting electricals



We analyse the symptoms to determine the faults, holistically address the problem, carry out the appropriate tests, and identify the overriding issue before we get to the repairs, ensuring your premises are safe again and you can be confident in the reliability and safety of your electrics.


If you are experiencing any issues with your electrics, it is important to contact a specialist as soon as possible to avoid any potential risk. We provide a thorough investigation, ensuring that your electrical problems are not just solved but will make your home or business safe again.


All of these services are provided at an excellent price and of the highest standard. If you would like to see our work, please go to our projects page. If you would like a quote for our services, please get in touch using our Contact Us page.

We also provide testing services to ensure that your electrics meet current electrical safety standards. All of our work is compliant with BS 7671 - 18th Edition - IET Wiring Regulations (theiet.org).


EICR testing involves the creation of an EICR report by checking and testing electrical installations. This can take place in the following:


  • Commercial properties

  • Industrial properties

  • Domestic properties


The EICR test is similar to a car MOT and gives a health and safety check of the electrical installation. In general, EICRs in rented properties are the least time-consuming and most straightforward method of ensuring electrical installation safety.


Depending on the property type there is a different requirement for regularity of EICR tests. In domestic rented properties it is a requirement for the landlord to have an EICR test every five years and with each change of tenant.


While testing every five years is the legal minimum, there are multiple reasons why a landlord might want to test more frequently. These include:


  • Responding to concerns of the tenant about the quality of an installation

  • Misuse of the installation by previous tenants or vandalism that could lead to electrical fault

  • Detrimental environmental conditions, such as exposure to moisture or rain

  • The age of the installation. Older electronics may require more regular EICRs to ensure continued adequate functionality

  • The type installation. Any electrical installations around water (such as swimming pool pumps) require inspection more often, sometimes annually

  • Changes in the usage of the premises, for instance, when converting from domestic to commercial or vice versa


During an EICR, electricians take observations according to BS 7671 - 18th Edition - IET Wiring Regulations. Following the regulations, they identify any potential defects and then classify them according to their severity. They then write down their findings using a set format, providing a clear reference.


There is no legal requirement to carry out an EICR test more regularly than stated in the regulations. However, doing so can provide peace of mind and enhance your relationship with the building’s occupants. The cost of carrying out electrical installation condition reports is low, so many landlords and property owners view it in the same way as a car service, doing it annually.


All of these services are provided at an excellent price and at a very high standard. If you would like to see our work then please go to our projects page, or if you would like a quote, then please get in touch using our Contact us page.